Whats uP?

Enter Pepe’s Game

Where you’re one click away from an immersive trading experience.

Premiering Pepe Nation

A suite of products in line with the fast-changing crypto landscape - starting with Pepe’s Game.

Meet $PEG

The governing token of Pepe's Nation that entitles stakers to 40% of platform revenue and, in the future, bribes from $bPLS and revenue share on all upcoming products.


Phase 1

  • Private Sale
  • Private Testnet
  • Incentivised Public Testnet Registration

Phase 2

  • Incentivised Public Testnet
  • Feedback & Improvement
  • Public Sale
  • Contract Audit

Phase 3

Deploy onto Arbitrum

Phase 4

  • Mass accumulate $PLS
  • Direct bribe revenue to $PEG stakers
  • Pepe’s Vaults
  • New Game Modes